Welcome to Episode 008. - Double Your Income, Work Half As Much

One of the most common limiting beliefs we have is the fact we need to 'work hard' to get money, but this is simply not true.

On the episode, I talk about how to break past that belief and realise that the amount of money you make is linked to your value - not how hard you work or how long you spend 'working'. I take you through my recent free challenge inside my Facebook Community 'More to Me than Mum' - why I designed the process the way I did, some real life outcomes from the challenge and how to maintain the motivation to achieve big.

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Are you in my free Facebook community 'More to Me than Mum'?

'More to Me than Mum' is a private community for mums-in-business to learn the mindset and method to earn more from doing what they love, by actually working less AND getting their time back to enjoy life again.

Full of over 1100 mums with service and product based business the group provides plenty of food for thought, along with tonnes of promotional opportunities including my Friday Live Feature and my Wisdom Wednesday Guest Speaker Slots


Jenni Donato

Jenni works as an Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach, teaching ambitious mums the mindset & method to scale their business, earn more from working less and get their time back.