The ONLY 9-month Immersive Coaching Experience for ambitious female entrepreneurs ready to scale their online business to the next level...

...but who feel like they don't have the confidence, self-belief, plan or tools to really go for it alone!

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Have you been in business for a while but feel like...

  • You have all the 'things' you've been told you need - the audience, a great offer, a freebie lead magnet...

  • And you've tried all the tricks - the launches, the constant content creation, getting into people's dm's...

...but you just can't seem to take your business to the next level?

Maybe you've made some money, but you're burnt out - and feel like there must be an easier, more enjoyable, way to grow your business - so you can fall back in love with what you do.

Or maybe you are awesome at what you do but hate all the marketing and sales - and just can't fit the pieces together to make the leads flow and the money you want.

You know there's more for you - you're so excited by the potential you have...

...but you also fall asleep confused about why you're feeling so stuck - and wake up feeling like you really need to find your next investment that will help you pull it all together.

You know you every day stuck in this limbo is a delay to getting to the heights you want to get to - something needs to change...'s now or never...

...but you just don't know which direction to choose - what to change - or how to start!

If this is you - the Altitude Experience will give you...

  • The mindset, confidence and self-belief to really go 'all in' on yourself, dream big and develop the motivation to make it happen

  • The business strategy and business plan to map out your long term and short term goals, culminating in a fully outlined business strategy and including a 10-week business acceleration sprint to get you implementing - supported by the amazing team here at Altitude.

  • 9 months of 1-2-1 and group coaching support from the Award-Winning Mindset Coach and Business Strategist, Jenni Donato, and our team of Business Growth Experts to help you move forward with implementation support, every step of the way.

Enrollment is by Application Only


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So, how exactly does it work?

Great Question, here's how the Experience works and what you get...