You know you need to invest in your business, but you just don't have the confidence in your income to be able to justify a big spend.

If only you could get consistent leads into your business - and predict your sales months down the line.



So many people tell me they really need my support, but feel like they can't make a big investment - like my immersive coaching experience Altitude - because they aren't yet making the money they want.

So they hold back, desperately wanting to invest but feeling like they need more confidence in their lead flow and sales before they do.

BUT they struggle to make that happen by themselves, so they remain stuck in a boom & bust rollercoaster business - convinced a big investment is too risky - and the vicious cycle continues.

So I've made it simple - with the launch of my new monthly membership 'Sales Made Simple - Predictable Leads & Consistent Sales'

You can join the membership now by choosing your level below...

...and better still you can upgrade and downgrade your membership depending on how much 1-2-1 support you feel like you need from me (t's and c's apply).

So what do you get and how much does it cost?



So how does it work?

Just like it's name, the 'Sales Made Simple' membership keeps it simple, giving you access to the right level of resources and support, plus monthly activities including:

✅ An online monthly sales workshop to help you make leaps forward with your sales strategy, mindset and lead-generation process.

✅ A quarterly Sales Intensive 1-2-1 session with me (BOOST members only - claim at any point in your quarterly period) to focus on scaling your sales - from mapping out your buyers journey, to improving your offer, to working on creating a rock solid sales mindset, to conversation ideas, frameworks and scripts

✅ The functionality to submit a question and get a video reply - from simple sales tools and techniques to more detailed conversation ideas and script suggestions to the most difficult objections your buyers throw at you (think 'I'm going to think about it' style conversations)

A Simple Sales Tracker that helps you measure and monitor your numbers - from sales figures to audience growth and conversion metrics

✅ Full access to all replays and the Q&A video library

✅ Your own exclusive community for motivation, inspiration and additional support

But how does the membership all fit together?





So who am I?

I'm an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist with over 6 years experience in the online business building space. I work with Online Entrepreneurs ready to unscramble their business, simplify what they do and make their business a whole lot more profitable.

I'm the host of the 'Mindset and Method' Podcast which launched in the Top 10 of the Entrepreneurial Chart and the founder and host of The Altitude Experience - a groundbreaking, women-led, immersive coaching experience where I go deep with my clients to design the rock-solid foundation that allows them to turn their passion-based ventures into vibrant, easy-to-run, and incredibly profitable 'next-level' businesses...

...with a team of seasoned business growth experts - who cover essential areas such as PR, marketing, sales, advertising, mindset, financial management and more - we have whatever skills our clients need for that extra level of support during implementation.

And if you're not ready for a big investment and feel like you need more confidence in your business first, my 'Sales Made Simple' membership is a no-brainer for any business owner looking for more predictable leads and more consistent sales.

Join now by choosing your membership level below...

(No contract, no lock, no tie-in - just the support you need, as and when you need it - you can upgrade or cancel at any point if you're a Basic member, just give me 1 months notice...

...or you can downgrade or cancel your membership at the end of every 3 month membership period for Boost members, again, just give me a months notice...

...introductory price guaranteed to founders for as long as you stay on that membership level, founders are guaranteed the introductory price upgrade for 12 months)