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In this episode I chat about what most of the sales 'gurus' out there DON'T talk about - it's the secret that makes businesses either work or fail!

It's not HOW you sell, it's WHAT you sell!!

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✅ why sales is NOT all about funnels, marketing messages & sales techniques

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✅ and how you align your sales goals with your money goals to actually build a business that makes you the money you want!

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Jenni: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome back to your mindset and method podcast, the podcast for female entrepreneurs to help you blast through your mindset blocks and skyrocket your business.
So, something has been bugging me recently, something I've been having a lot of conversations with clients about around sales and something that a lot of your sales gurus and your sales mentors and your business coaches don't talk about.
So I wanted to have a chat with you about. My biggest sales secret and something that will hopefully make a difference to you over the summer and in your business. So I personally think so many people come to me and talk about, okay, I need to learn how to sell.
You know, I'm not selling as much as I want to. I need a sales strategy. I need the process. I need to work on my sales mindset. I need more confidence. I need to build an audience.[00:01:00] But let's just take a step back and look at actually, what are you selling?
Okay. Because so many people come to me thinking, okay, well I need the marketing messages. I need to build the audience. I need the email list. I need the funnel. I need the lead magnet. I need this. I need that. And I go, okay, well, let's just take a step back and look at. How much money do you wanna make in your business, right.
To make it your definition of a successful business, your definition of yes. That is worth doing. That's what I wanted when I set out how much money is that? Like have a bit of paper and, take a step back and go. Right. How much money would be awesome to make in my business. Okay. Sometimes it's 5k sometimes it's 10 K. Sometimes it's linked to how much you were making before you were self-employed in your previous business. Like have a thing. How much money is it you actually want to make from your business?
And then look at what you actually sell. Okay, [00:02:00] because this is where some people go wrong and I've got some maths down here for you, for anyone who's been following me or for a while, or, or works with me. You will know my obsession with statistics and maths and facts and figures and science and all of that.
I'm not your woo woo mindset coach. I am your scientific success, psychology mindset, coach and business strategist. So. Let's look at some stats. Okay. If you are a coach or a consultant, you're, you are selling by sessions or you're charging by the hour, or you have a kind of small package of one to one sessions and say you are charging like on the real low end of that, like 50 quitter session, you've got to sell a hundred sessions a month to make five.
Okay. It's just basic maths, right? A hundred sessions a month. So you think to yourself, okay. If I just sell individual sessions, that's a lot of sales. That's a lot of people I need to be connecting with. That's [00:03:00] a lot of people I need to be chatting to. That's a big audience that I need to build. That's a lot of sales, a hundred per month, every month to make 5k income per month.
Okay. so maybe you go, okay, maybe I need to package this up somehow and, and try and offer it in a bigger package. So you're thinking, okay. Maybe I'll package it up eight sessions over two months, you know 50 quid a session okay. That drops it down to 25 sales a month to get 5k out of your business, 25 sale, that's still quite, you know, you.
Still need a lot of sales, a lot of marketing strategy for that. You need a lot of audience growth
to make a 5k month, but let's compare that to, if you were really to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and this is the key, cuz this is all money, mindset stuff. This is all mindset stuff. Right. But if you were to push yourself out your comfort zone and you were to really, and I'm gonna do a product example in a [00:04:00] minute, cause I've got some more maths for you.
If you were to push yourself out of your comfort, and so you were to create a really transformational package, right? It doesn't matter what that looks like. Doesn't matter the structure, it doesn't matter the features, but what matters is it takes somebody from where they are now to where they want to be over potentially, you know, Eight weeks or whatever, and it's a combination of support.
It's a program it's a one to one support plus resources, plus whatever else it is. And you were to go high end or what some people were called high end, actually really not high end at all at two and a half thousand pounds for that package at eight week support that provide. That absolute true transformation that your clients are after, right?
If you were to create that package or a as a coach or consultant and you charge two and a half thousand pounds for it, which is not expensive in the world of coaches and consultants, guess how [00:05:00] many sales you would need to make to make 5k? Right. Two, two sales a month to make 5,000 pounds. Okay. So, this is why sales is not just about learning the sales strategies, having the marketing messages, having the marketing pillars, building the audience, having the lead magnets, right?
That's what sales people teach you. That's what marketing people teach you. But what you've gotta understand is what you are actually selling makes a massive difference to how much you've gotta sell. And I've had this conversation. With a lot of people recently, and this is why I'm getting on a little bit of a ramp here, because it's so important to understand this.
Let's do the product example before I tell you why people's sell cheap and why it doesn't work. So let's look at a products example. Okay. Let's say pick out the blue. You are a skincare product sales person or business owner, and your average [00:06:00] cost of your product is maybe 15 pounds. Okay. To make 5,000 pounds either you or your team have to sell three hundred and thirty three, fifteen pound products a month to make 5,000 pounds.
Okay. That's a lot of sales to make five K. If you were to take that product and stick it into a set of products that fix a problem for somebody say you targeted on people with really sensitive skin eczema, dry skin, you were to put together a set of products. That really solved that problem really pampered them really helped them with that problem and solved it for them.
And you solved that for like 99 pounds. Okay. For a set of beautiful products in a pack with instructions on how to use it with a bit of context around what the biggest things are to do with dry skin, maybe drinking water as well. All of these other kind of added [00:07:00] benefits in there, and you sold that for 99 pounds.
You'd need to make 50 sales, a. To make 5,000 pounds. Okay. More doable, still, quite a hard. if you were to move to what I call product as a service, right? And this is where the product industry is going. It's not just about selling products anymore. It's about selling products as a service. So products that really fix the issue that people are struggling with, or really want to solve a problem for somebody.
And you were to put some consultancy around that product. Maybe some accountability, maybe some value stuff in terms. Identifying the real problem for people consulting with them. Maybe some sessions around, okay. What to try identifying the root cause of whatever it is. People are struggling with selling the products as well.
But consulting around a real issue that somebody is having, that you can. Fix that. And you were to sell that package of service [00:08:00] with the product, with the accountability, with the value, add stuff with your support and your expertise on the problems that your product solve for people, because you are a passionate product based business.
This is the way the product based businesses is, is going, especially selling on social media. And you were to sell that support for 499 pounds. Which again is not expensive in a kind of service based industry. The products kind of go along with, so it's like consulting around the product, like product as a service 499 pounds, you would only need to make 10 sales.
A month to make 5,000 pounds. Okay. So what would you rather sell if you're a coach consultant or service provider or online course provider, whatever. In the service industry, would you rather sell hundred things per month hundred of your packages a month? Or two packages a month. Okay. If you are product based business, would you rather [00:09:00] sell 333 individual products a month, or would you rather sell 10 packages of your products and your support that really solves a problem?
Somebody is having 330, 3 or 10. That's the maths. Okay. So sales. For me is not about your marketing messages. It's not about posting every day and being consistent on social media. It's not about providing a PDF, download as a lead magnet to get people on an email list so that you can sell through email.
It's not the sales strategies. It's not the marketing messages. It's fundamentally not how you. It's what you sell. Okay. And this is where we get successful businesses. Growing quickly, we focus on what you sell. Let's also think about it from another point of view. Let's not think about it from your money point of view.
If you are selling an individual product for 15 [00:10:00] quids and you're posting it out there and you. Engaging with that person. You don't know if they're using that product. You don't know if they're using it right. You don't know if they're using it as often as they should be. You don't know if they're using it in conjunction with some really simple lifestyle changes that they could be to get some really awesome results.
You are just posting a product for 15 quid and then forgetting about it. Okay. Is that the impact that you wanna make for your customers and. Okay. If you sold 499 consultation package around your products, you would know how they're using it. They would be using it properly because they're invested in getting the results that you can tell them that they will get, they use that product properly.
They'll be doing lifestyle changes around that. You will be providing them some accountability. You know, that means you will see the results that they will. That's a much nicer place to be in as a business owner. When you see the transformation you are giving to your customers and clients, let's look at the [00:11:00] coach or the service provider example that I gave you before.
What impact are you making with one single coaching session or one single session for 50 quid? Yes. You might change someone's opinion on something. Yes. You might give them a few good ideas. There's no accountability. There's no implementation. There's no process to that. If you are selling a two and a half thousand pound coaching package and program with a combination of support, accountability, implementation, you've got a process for people to actually think through what you're teaching them and implement it.
Like you are gonna be there. Seeing the transformation you are providing for your clients. Okay. That's a much better place to be as a coach or consultant. So a, would you rather be selling a hundred coaching sessions or two packages, or would you rather be selling three hundred and thirty three, fifteen pound products or 10 consultation packages around solving a problem [00:12:00] using your products and B what impact would you rather be having?
Would you rather be having. Individual things you just do forget about you don't see the results for, and people don't really follow up on, or do you really wanna get in person and help people solve the problem that they are coming to you and buying from you to fix? Okay. So that's another angle to it by pushing your prices up and selling something that is truly helpful and transformational for people, not only are you building a more sustainable business for you that brings you more money, you are creating more impact and more transformation from those people that buy from you.
So think about what you sell.
And let's go onto why people sell cheap. So the reason. A lot of people try to sell cheap on social media is money, mindset issues. Okay. So the way you get successful in your business quickly is by focusing on your mindset because it takes a [00:13:00] strong mindset, takes confidence to sell things at the higher end of your game.
so the reasons people sell cheap is maybe they've tried an expensive thing. It didn't sell, so they've gone. Okay. People don't have any money right now. COVID cost of living. Let's try and sell something a bit cheaper. And all of these things around imposter syndrome. Oh my goodness. I can't be on the expensive end of my market because I don't have the skills or the experience that other people on social media look like.
They've got, you know, there's so many confidence and mindset barriers to really going all in on something that's truly transformational and worth spending the money on. So people kind of. They dilute what they offer so that they sell cheaper. And then they realize even that doesn't sell. And the reason that doesn't sell is because it's not transformational.
It is a watered down version of the thing that you think could be transformational for people and could really get the [00:14:00] results for people. You've got to work on your mindset. You've got to work on your confidence. You've got to understand where you are in this massive scale of money mindset and what your beliefs are around money, so that you can really focus on the thing that you wanna be known for.
And you wanna sell So that, that becomes the heart of your business. That's your passion of your business? That is the one thing that you truly know is gonna create absolutely amazing results for your customers and clients. And that takes confidence. That takes mindset work that takes you focusing on your money mindset.
And this is why people sell cheap because they. Cheap is easier to sell, which is not because it doesn't create the results that you wanna create. And social media is swamped with people selling cheap stuff that your belief around people don't have any money right now. So I'll sell them something cheap so that it can be affordable or affordable to all like a lot of small business [00:15:00] owners.
They don't wanna outprice people because they feel bad about it. Now, if you are providing truly transformational results, it's okay for people to say, okay, that's out of my price range right now. Okay. They can go off and Google search the results and the solutions to the problems that they have.
They can buy a book. They can listen to podcast. They can maybe buy your down sale if you have one you know, they're not going to go, okay, well, this one person is out of my price range. Therefore I'm just gonna sit and suffer for the rest of my life. You're not the only person probably doing what you do in your industry.
And if you are, you're probably not listening to me because you've probably found a niche where you're smashing it anyway at the right price range. so you've gotta understand your mindset. You've gotta understand your confidence. You've got to sell the right thing that you are truly passionate about.
That's gonna make absolutely amazing results for your customers and clients. If you think there's a problem with your business model and you know that you are selling too cheap and [00:16:00] you struggle to raise your prices or you struggle to know exactly what you can sell in your industry and package things together so that it is truly transformational and you can push your prices up.
Therefore having to sell less, let's remind you a hundred coaching sessions versus two programs or 333 15 pound products versus 10 products as a suit service consultation packages. If you think you wanna work on your marketing on your model on this stuff, I'm opening some VIP strategy days over the summer and into September.
I. Push them very much, cuz they book up super fast. But these days are a real intensive day with me to first of all, work on your mindset, figure out what those blocks are. Figure out what is holding you back and what your self-limiting beliefs are. And then dive into your business model, decide and design what you can sell that really lights you up.
And what price point [00:17:00] it is so that you can push the amount of, of sales that you need down to make the money that you want. Then we go into marketing messages, sales strategy, all that other stuff is really good once you know what you are selling. Okay. But a lot of people try and focus on that stuff while they're still selling 15 pound products.
Okay. And this is what salespeople don't focus on enough. It's not how you sell. It's what you sell. So if you wanna level up what you sell and level up, how much you make and level up, what impact you make for your customers and clients
it is four and a half hour intensive with me. We take breaks. It's very structured. It is proper full on, but it's so, so, so much fun. And then you get fortnight of supportive, implementation, voice messaging support. After your day, you get a full report of what we've done on your day, including a 10 point plan and a three.
Plan. So like business strategy plan. So you know exactly what you're gonna do for the next three months to [00:18:00] implement that plan. There's only a few slots open over the summer break for people to really just do a bit of a.
Brainstorm revamp their businesses ready for September. And I'm also booking now a few slots for September. So let me know as soon as you can, if you would like to know more about the IP strategy day it really is true. Like if you are focusing on your sales strategy and your marketing messages and your lead Magna and your funnel, and all of the other things you're told that you have to have as an online business owner without thinking really through.
What you sell, you might be missing the easiest fix of it all when it comes to making money online these days. So hopefully that has been useful for you.
If you're interested to find out more about a VIP strategy day, which is virtual. I do them all over the world. I had lady in France, lady in Italy. I worked with a lady in Switzerland, couple in America. So wherever you are, we can do that VIP strategy day together. And that's me done for the day. Thank you so much for joining me. [00:19:00] I will see you again soon. Bye everyone.
So thank you for listening to your podcast and I will see you on the next episode.

Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.