VIP Strategy Day

Just me and you - designing the business - and the life - you want!

Do you want to build a business you love, that brings you a consistent, predictable income...

...and allows you to earn what you want, in the time you have?

"Jenni you are a magician! Still buzzing from yesterday" (Lizzie, Oct 2021)

How a VIP Strategy Day works...

First, we'll spend an intensive 4 hours on Zoom, following my own proven process to get you out of your own way & start to dream big.

We then break it all down to design you the business - and life - you actually want, then give you the plan to be able to make it happen!

On the day we'll...

✅ Blast through your mindset blocks and design a future business you're excited to wake up to work towards.

✅ Craft the business model and set you a 10-point plan to get you from where you are now to a profitable, stress-free, freedom business that works for you.

✅ Build you a 3-month plan to give you the step-by-step process to set things in motion & ensure you succeed.

After the day you'll get...

✅ A **fortnight of unlimited implementation support **to help you finalise your plan, work through any challenges or blocks and start making things happen!

✅ A copy of your detailed Implementation Plans (both a long term strategic plan, and a short term plan that covers the next 3 months) - to give you a step-by-step process follow to quickly earn back your investment and skyrocket your business from there.

"Our VIP day has given me focus and direction. I’m on it!" (Caroline, Dec 2021)

So, how much is the investment?

A VIP Strategy Day is £549 (payment plans available) and typically, the mindset & strategy work we do will allow you to earn back your investment within the first few weeks of working through your plans.

Just click below to buy and I'll see you on the other side...

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