You've watched the video...

You've attended the session and heard all the details...

And now you're ready to say - "YES, this is for me!"

I'm so excited for us, so let's just recap the commitment you're making...

✅ You have (or commit to making) the time, energy and head-space to go 'all in' on this opportunity and show up 100%

✅ You will make it a priority to attend the training and mentoring sessions and will let me know if you can not make a session (You understand that if you miss 3 in a row your position as an Associate Coach may be reconsidered)

✅ You will deliver your best work to each and every client you work with through the Altitude programme

✅ You are excited to sell the programme and will make sure it aligns with your other offerings (or find a way to make it align - mentoring provided, this is what I'm good at) and will let me know straight away if you see any conflict of interest or dimming of enthusiasm

✅ You will not design or release a similar business growth programme within 12 months of working on Altitude - without prior agreement with me

✅ You can have an upsell from the programme, in fact, I encourage you to do so and can help you design this to make sure you get the most from our partnership, but any upsell must be pre-approved by me before you approach any Altitude clients and must not be done on a blanket approach

If you're happy with this, here is my commitment to you...

✅ I will support you 100% with your mindset and business growth - I want you to be the best you can be and get the business and life you deserve

✅ I will listen to your feedback and make every decision based on the good of the team

✅ I will expect and maintain high standards in all areas, and take full responsibility to build a friendly supportive team culture. I will swiftly deal with any conflict and will not accept any underhand behaviour

✅ I am fully committed to do what it takes to make the Altitude Programme the best business growth programme in the industry - and bring you along with me on this exciting journey - to build something we can be proud of

If you're jumping up and down and can't wait to get started, then you know this is for you. Please record me a final short video telling me 'you're in' and how you're feeling right now...

...once I know how many coaches have applied and what skills they have, I will come back to you with next steps.