Yin and Yang are said to be two independent yet complementary energies which are so vast they encompass everything in the universe. Yin and Yang cannot exist without the other, they are both equal but yet they remain separate. They are said to be in complete balance and total harmony.

Some people believe a balanced energy system is important for health and healing. They, therefore, believe that when your energy is out of balance, illness can occur and when the energy in your body is balanced and strong your health will also remain good.

Whether or not this is true is of little importance, but this is the very basis of what Acupuncturists work through and the alternative medicine industry is now worth an estimated $34 Billion, so there is definitely some truth in the results!

But how does this affect your daily life? The very basis of Yin and Yang energy is about balance and harmony and we can also apply this to our mental health by creating balance within our lives and through our emotions.

When our minds are balanced and organised we can deal with challenging situations with less stress, our relationships and bonds with our nearest and dearest become stronger and we gain the confidence to reach for what we want in life.

However, when we talk about balancing our emotions, we also have to talk about the contrast of emotions and this is something I work on a lot with my clients.

No-one likes negative emotions but can we change the way we feel about them? How about realising that without fear there would be no courage, without anger there would be no forgiveness and without pain, there would be no relief.

If we all lived in a world of eternal happiness and calm, would we appreciate it so much? Psychology tells us not and life coaching can show us how to take a step back and see where our energies and emotions are out of balance. We can then go on to embrace the contrast of our emotions, start to bring our feelings and energies back into balance, help keep our thoughts in perspective and keep our lives on track. Once our lives are balanced and our emotions are calm and understood, we can then start to develop a path for the future and begin to reach for our potential.

It is only with harmony in our lives and balance in our minds that we can achieve our success and start to live our own personal dreams.

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