Author: Jenni Donato

My 4 P's For Managing Time With Ease

For me, when we talk about managing our time, everything gets a little confused. Time is simply time, it comes, it goes and there is nothing we can do about it, so the term 'time management' is actually a cruel illusion. When we start to have thoughts such as 'Why is there never enough time?' or "Why can I never find the time to do something for myself?


Author: Jenni Donato

The 3 SIMPLE Steps to Unbreakable Motivation and Success.

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to get motivated is setting the wrong goals. But setting goals in a way that gets you motivated, keeps you on track and gets you want most is easier than you think! We all love the idea of change for a better future, whether that is getting thinner, getting successful, getting rich, getting our marriage back on track, getting organised,


Author: Jenni Donato

The Simple Secret to a Life Without Frustration and Anger as a Busy Mum

Being a Life and Mindset Coach specifically for Mums, the one thing I hear about the most is the frustration of trying to keep calm when our world is chaos. In the days where mums are expected to do it all, we get less support, careers to progress, homes to run, appointments to make and everyone else to keep happy. In a world where equality is everything, motherhood - compared


Author: Jenni Donato

Dealing with the Dreaded Mummy-Guilt in 3 Simple Steps

We've all heard of the dreaded Mummy-Guilt, and it seems to be part and parcel of being a mum in todays world of being busy and kid chaos. But does it need to be? You may have thought that being a mum means accepting that you're going to feel guilty about taking time for yourself / juggling your housework / juggling your other children / juggling your husband / spending your hard-earned cash.... but


Author: Jenni Donato

The 3 Simple Steps To Combat Perfectionism

As mums, we love things to be done our own way. Mainly because it is the best way, and maybe even the only way to get things done right, on time and without anyone having a screaming fit (including us!) Does this make us perfectionists? Well, maybe, or maybe not. I guess it depends on how we look at things. But if we asked our other halves if they thought