Being a Life and Mindset Coach specifically for Mums, the one thing I hear about the most is the frustration of trying to keep calm when our world is chaos.

In the days where mums are expected to do it all, we get less support, careers to progress, homes to run, appointments to make and everyone else to keep happy. In a world where equality is everything, motherhood - compared to any other role – just doesn’t seem that equal!

So what’s the key? In very simple terms it’s about juggling it all, remaining calm and still having the energy for our own happiness. When our kids are young, this can seem impossible and it doesn’t take long before we’re behind with the chores, our work seems to be steaming ahead without us, no-one is happy and we have no time for ourselves.

But there is one major problem with rushing around to try to get it all 'done'… Our motherhood chores are never ‘done’, we won’t ever finish the laundry, or tidy the house or complete the planning to keep everything running as smoothly as we can. So if nothing ever ends, how will we ever get back to a place where we find time to keep ourselves happy in amongst the chaos of family life?

So, what's the secret?

The answer is, we won’t be happy. We won’t be happy until we get to a point where we are ready to quit. Where we literally can’t take any more, where we know something has to happen otherwise things will get serious. Everyone has their own breaking point. The point where they realise something has to change. So whether this is before or after we have lost ourselves completely, we have broken the connection with our partners, where we no longer feel close to our children, there comes a defining moment in everyone lives where everything changes and enough is enough.

And what happens when we reach our limit? One of 2 things – we either explode in a tornado of screaming, shouting, crying and pushing away our nearest and dearest making things a whole lot worse, or we have to learn the secret - we have to learn how to prioritise ourselves, for the sake of everyone else.

The journey of regaining control can be a long one. Once our minds are used to being in a cycle of self-sabotage, it is tricky to reset them to start to work for us again. But it is possible and actually when we make the change and start working on ourselves again, a life of sparkling opportunities can open up for us.

A life of calm, clarity, happiness and fulfilment. We learn how to productively juggle everything and we create the time for us to focus on ourselves again and prioritise our happiness. We realise that when we are happy, centred, balanced and fulfilled we find it easier to juggle it all, we are better mums, wives, housekeepers, workers.

It almost seems the wrong way round, but by taking more time for ourselves, we seem to magically create MORE time with our family and everything we struggled to get done before becomes easier to manage.

But how do we start the journey of prioritising ourselves? We already know the answer, the key is in our own mindset. We have to organise our minds, our thoughts and our lives.

To show you how, I have written a free guide called the Mindset Map. It goes through my signature 5-stage process called the Mindset Makeover Method and give you all you need to know to start the process of prioritising yourself. To take the first steps on the journey to re-discover what you want from life, learn the simple psychology to shift your mindset and discover the science to making real change happen and a success of whatever it is you choose to do next.

Sound interesting? Just download it for FREE here

Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.