Episode 023 - The Mindset Shift You Need To Make To Treble Your Income

Ever heard coaches talking about the 6-figure mindset or growing a 7-figure business? These seem to be the buzz words right now, but if you can't see a way to 6-figures, or never even dream of 7-figures - and just want to use the power of mindset to reach your next big goal - none of it means much.

So in this episode, I chat about the power of the 6-figure mindset in a way that's going to resonate to YOU - by investigating the path to treble your income. And I chat about what happens when your inner critic pops up with all the excuses around why it's not possible for you!

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Jenni Donato

Jenni works as an Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach, teaching ambitious mums the mindset & method to scale their business, earn more from working less and get their time back.