As a busy mum, it is easy to get sucked into the Daily Grind.

We seem to spend our day sprinting from task to task, trying to juggle the kids/work/house and simply feeling like we're drowning in a tidal wave of looking after everyone else and trying to get everything done... Oh and then trying to 'appreciate it' and 'treasure each moment' all at the same time.

So what's the key to breaking free?

Well, as an Award-Winning Life and Mindset Coach - who works almost exclusively with mothers - I've come across a simple 3 step process to breaking free from the daily grind and bring back some balance and fulfillment into every day life.

And it goes a little something like this -

Step 1 - Find The Vision

What do I mean by find the vision? Well, it's the why. Our why. What are we doing all this for? Obviously our children, our families and their future, but if we turn our focus inwards and only concentrate on us for a second, what is it WE actually want from OUR future?

Without a vision for ourselves, without a future to look forward to - simply for us - we will struggle to maintain the energy and motivation to look after everyone else and keep everything going.

We need to therefore find a way to pause the daily grind to ask ourselves some very important questions

  • What is it we actually want from life?
  • What does our ideal future look like?
  • What kind of role models do we want to be for our kids?

After all, do we really want our kids to grow up with the impression that being a parent means sacrificing yourself so much that you simply live to get stuff done, only ever work to keep other people happy and never enjoy anything for ourselves? Probably not!

Step 2 - Start to Break Old Habits

Before we can 'change' we need to break our old habits. This is one of the hardest parts of the process and missing this step is often where people go wrong.

Have you ever wanted something so much you've made a really good start, but then your motivation has faded, life has got in the way, you've fallen back into old habits and your back to square one?

The reason for this is because people often start with the new routine before they've broken their old one.

A routine is like an old friend. They're familiar and we're emotionally invested. It takes time and energy - and a whole lot of motivation - to break off the relationship/routine. If we're then asking ourselves for yet more motivation to create a new friendship/routine while dealing with the loss of an old one, we're asking too much of ourselves and we're likely to fail.

So what's the magic answer?

The solution is to find a way to break the old routine whilst creating a temporary new routine which is easy, fun and doesn't ask too much of us. Once we're used to our new (friendly) routine - and have broken the emotional connection to the old one - we can gradually move our nice, easy, fun routine to one which builds and starts to push us towards our new goals, and then starts to get the results we need to keep making the progress we want.

Step 3 - Maintain Motivation, Celebrate Success and Achieve Big!

Once we know our vision and have broken our old routines, we then need to make sure we stay motivated, celebrate our successes along the way - no matter how small - and build on what we've created to achieve big!

As mothers, we often forget that we are capable of greatness. We sacrifice years of our life because we feel like we can't fit in our own mission into family life.

I am here to squash that belief and say that I believe that actually, the opposite is true.

Mothers can achieve greatness, whilst also being the best mums they can be. Everyone's idea of Greatness is different. Greatness could simply be being truly happy and feeling fulfilled, or it could be being a successful entrepreneur with a multi-million pound business. Whatever it is, having a vision for our own version of greatness and being consistent with the progress we make to get there is the magic formula.

And there is one final added bonus - the lesson we teach our children. By having our own mission and investing in ourselves, we teach them about self-care, self-worth and self-confidence. We teach them about multi-tasking, passion, ambition and commitment. We teach them that life is for living and anything is possible.

For anyone who knows me, I've learned this the hard way (you can read my story here). But now I know my vision, my purpose, my dream future - my life is full of love for my family, time for myself and ambition to make a real difference to the mums I work with.

And I speak from personal experience that this process works and that dreams can come true, even with the daily chaos which comes with being a mum!

So, what's next?

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Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.