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I am a wife, a mother of two adorable children, and a Mindset & Business Coach who helps ambitious mums to gain the mindset and business strategy to adapt their business to make more money from only working the hours they want!

This is My Story

In 2014 my beautiful daughter was born and I was thrilled. Her arrival was not without a few hiccups – a heartbreaking miscarriage, a year and a half of waiting to get pregnant and severe hip pain which rendered me on crutches for the first few weeks of motherhood. But here she was, our perfect bundle of joy. I assumed my life with my children would be ‘normal’ too. For a while it was and we got married, moved into our forever home and decided to try for another child. I was living my happily ever after.

I always knew my child was a little clumsy, but after a broken leg and a broken collarbone before the age of 2 - and after being told by numerous NHS doctors that everything was fine - we trusted our instincts and insisted on a private medical checkup. I went by myself assuming I would just come home after being reassured - yet again - I was just a neurotic first-time mum.

However, that was not the case and this was the day my life changed forever. Within an hour my baby was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and I was told this happy toddler, who was racing up and down the corridor, had coped with a dislocated left hip from birth, needed major surgery and a long course of treatment. She would then need to learn to walk again, potentially face more surgery throughout her childhood, and probably a hip replacement in her 40’s if she was “lucky”.

I was utterly devastated. I was confused and angry at the world. I was scared of what was to come and how we would cope, and I was thrown into a world which was completely out of control!

Somehow we made it to my daughter's surgery day and I did a pretty good job of faking a ‘bring it on’ attitude. But the 5 hours of surgery and the following week in the hospital trying to manage her pain was the worst experience of my life.

By day, I was a consummate actress. It is amazing what you can fake when you feel you have no choice. What my daughter and others around me saw was (mostly) a strong, positive, happy mother - not just coping, but coping well. But underneath I was emotionally exhausted, I didn’t sleep, I was utterly broken. Only my loving husband saw this side of me and after a while, he realised I needed help. Eventually, I accepted I needed it too and undertook counselling through Talking Therapies, and was introduced to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). It helped. But I still felt like I lived a life of two halves, neither of which felt like me.

Over the next few weeks, I watched with pride and relief as my daughter turned from a tiny, defenceless toddler into a strong, determined, brave warrior. And I began to laugh again, for real this time.

I realised the actress routine I’d perfected wasn’t really an act, I could be that person if I wanted to. I decided to take inspiration from my daughter and her perseverance and strength to wake up every day with a smile on her face and a determination to have fun, despite all her restrictions.

I became determined to fill our lives with happiness again, for real this time. Determined for all the pain to have a purpose. And determined to eventually return to work - to do something truly worthwhile - to use my experience to help others to take ownership of their lives again, to smile again and make their story a better one.

I’ve studied - and worked - hard.

I become obsessed with success psychology and business strategy and now dedicate myself to helping other ambitious mums to take their businesses to the next level - in the time they want to spend so they can be there for their amazing kids - and break through all the mindset blocks which hold them back.

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