So, what's it all about?

So many women in business struggle to show up with confidence and authenticity online. So today on our Business Backstage Series, I've asked another of my Supporting Coaches on my Immersive Coaching Experience Altitude to join me to chat about why we suffer and what we can do about it.

Cat Googe is an Empowerment Coach and Joy Queen. She can often be found sharing Laughter Yoga on festival stages, online, in schools and in front of large audiences, so is perfect for today's topic of showing up authentically and with confidence.

In this episode, we chat about...

✅ why female entrepreneurs often struggle to show up with confidence online

✅ how we find who we really are as business owners and build our brand in alignment with our vision and with excitement and passion

✅ and how we build consistency in our online marketing to start to showcase what we do with ease

Cat also shares her biggest tips on how to tap into your online confidence to grow your business in a way that you're going to enjoy, now and in the future.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.