So, what's it all about?

One of the things in business that is the most crucial, but people often find the hardest, is designing in consistency and predictability - both in terms of workload and income.

In this episode, I cover why it seems so hard to build this into your business and the three things that will help you achieve it, including...

✅ Streamlining what you deliver to make sure you have an offer that sells - that also gives maximum value but is not linked to your time.

✅ Designing the right sales and marketing strategy for you so you can build consistency into your lead generation process and turn your warmest leads into sales every single month.

✅ Knowing your numbers so you can build predictability into your business. So you can take the holidays off with your kids and know when your next sale is coming from and how you're going to continue to deliver top quality, even when you don't want to be working.

Listen to the episode for more.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.