So, What's It All About?

Have you set a New Year's Resolution - for yourself or your business?

If so, STOP and listen to this first. Did you know 88% of resolutions fail and 80% fail before February?

In this episode, I tell you my thoughts on why and give you a 4 step process of what to do instead, including:

✅ Find out what you actually want - and why you want it

✅ Start by building the habits and routine you need for success

✅ Figure out the quickest, easiest and most fun way of doing what you ACTUALLY want

✅ Be consistent, be in it for the long haul and make it about building a routine you want to keep!

What's Next?

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Jenni Donato

Jenni works as an Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach, teaching ambitious mums the mindset & method to scale their business, earn more from working less and get their time back.