There are 4 basic survival needs which every human needs to find their own balance to be happy within their life.

The role of a coach is to explore what balance a client currently has and then direct them to discover how they can improve the balance and create a more fulfilling life.

The basic survival needs are as follows:
Diagram 1


(Importance / Purpose) - This is usually someone's job or the meaning of their life. This would generally be what they do for the majority of their day, every day.


(Family / Sharing / Bonding) - This is someone's connection to their family, friends - even pets etc - and which gives support, love and a sense of belonging to that person.


(Security) - This is a persons routine, providing security in their surroundings, job, home and personal life.


(Diversity) - This is generally a hobby or activity which provides a bit of excitement and variety in their life. For example, pushing them to their limit and/or providing opportunities for self-development.

The Balance For Success

When one of these areas overpowers the other, we can quickly become stressed and our lives can seem to start to go off track. This can lead to frustration within our daily routine, a feeling of not having enough time to achieve what we want or a feeling of starting to lose the connection with the people we care about the most.

Most of the time this is a gradual process and our unconscious mind struggles to flag to us when this becomes a problem. It is often only when we sit down and talk to someone about the structure of our lives and where our energy is focussed it comes to light, and even then it is sometimes unclear about how to manage and implement the change needed to rectify the situation.

When our lives - and our minds - are completely balanced and in harmony, we enjoy life more, we are less stressed, we can calmly deal with challenging situations, our relationships and bonds with our nearest and dearest become stronger and we gain the confidence to reach for what we want in life.

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