Author: Jenni Donato

Our Values, Our Rules, Our Life

When I start working with clients, I am often faced with mothers who simply feel a bit lost. Like their world is not their own anymore. Like their 'fun' has been taken away by the responsibility of looking after their children. Or that they just simply cannot move forward with their own life because the lives of their family take up too much of their mental strength. I often start


Author: Jenni Donato

"More to Me than Mum"

When I joined a business architect course I thought my next 3 months would be learning about marketing, finance and social media. How wrong was I? The first thing my course did was to get to me to focus on what service I was actually providing. Who was my 'ideal client' and how do I help? I guess I thought I knew this already as I was good at what


Author: Jenni Donato

3 Simple Steps to More Quality 'Me' Time

What is quality 'me' time? Have you ever felt so busy and overwhelmed that you've simply let everything build until you are at breaking point - you know you need 'you' time, but you have no idea what that actually is or how to achieve it? Or when it finally comes, what to do with yourself? If you've said yes, then keep reading, this article is for you... Step 1


Author: Jenni Donato

Love, Connection and Building the Perfect Partnership

Relationships are hard, when the honeymoon period ends they can get complicated and confusing. And when you add children into the mix it is easy for the relationship to start to spiral downhill into resentment, anger and daily frustration. However, there are a few simple rules which anyone can follow to get their relationship back on track, rebuild the connection and rekindle the love. These rules may be simple, but


Author: Jenni Donato

Creating an Abundant Money Mindset in 3 Simple Steps

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, money is on everyones mind! But simply budgeting, squeezing and managing as you go along may help you in the short term, but it won't change your Money Mindset for yours - and your family's - financial future. So what is a Money Mindset? A money mindset is the overriding attitude that you have about your finances. It drives how you