So, what's it all about?

In this episode, I chat with the amazing Trina Kavanagh-Thomas who talks directly to you - the one - about how you can take back the power in your health, life and business.

So often, we give away our power, energy and time - and forget to keep any of that for ourselves - often because we have such a strong desire to please, nurture and serve our friends, family and clients.

She talks about the cognitive mind and body connection and brings together the science and spiritual side of coaching and healing in her work - and describes the results which can be achieved when you do the work on yourself first - before anything else.

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Jenni: Hello and welcome to this episode of Mindset and Method, the podcast for female entrepreneurs to level up their lives and level up their businesses. And I'm super excited to be joined by Trina today for a really lovely quick episode on bringing your power. This is something I read on Trina's.
Bio on social media because Trina helps female coaches, therapists, mentors take power in health, life, and business. Um, So this is what this is all about, taking your power for your health, your life, and your business. So, hello, welcome Trina. Tell us all about you and who you are and what you.
Hello everyone and Hi Jenny. Thank you for that as well. Yeah, this is me Trina Ka Thomas. I'm a spiritual health coach and I help my clients spiritual connected female [00:01:00] therapist coaches and mentors take that power in their body so that it of emulates in their health, life, and business. I feel it's like vital and it's important right now that we take back power.
Whether we take back power from the past, whether we take back power from other. Whether we take that power from energy that's being taken from us, or we take that power in our home life, that is so important and the way that we do that is for our body. So we become super hyper aware with our body and many of us are hyper aware already, especially if we've been through trauma and stuff.
But I do teach you to like really come back into yourself and really listen to whatever's going on inside. Awesome. Yes, massive welcome. Thank you for joining me. So yeah, and that was my biggest question to chat about. What does taking back power or taking power mean for you? Like talk us through the [00:02:00] journey that you take people on.
So where they are before and then what it actually means to like take back. Okay, so really it's like delving into the one, isn't it? Yeah. Delving into the one. So whoever's listening to this right now, maybe you are the one, maybe you know the one and the one is already fairly healthy. She doesn't really drink a lot of alcohol or anything, and she has this incredible.
However, at the same time, she feels like this underlying pressure from the buildup of clients that she's got coming towards her, and sometimes we have this underlying pressure. Even though we can radiate this magnetism and bring people into my sphere, sometimes that pressure comes through the power that we've given away to other people given away in our time given away.[00:03:00]
However it's given away, it can be even through thought as well. A lot of this power mainly leads within past trauma, past life, and past hurts. And when I come in and then help my client tune into where they feel it physically within themselves. Cause pressure is felt, and it sometimes it shows up with sleepless nights, sometimes it shows up, with pain in our shoulders, pain in our neck, pain in our heads.
Frustration, pain in the front of our head. We might even feel like injured in some way. We may even have like the remnants of some kind of illness or even our immune system isn't on top. Performance but yet we really do want to please, we wanna please and we wanna serve our clients.
And that's what the one does. She pleases and she serves her clients so well. And even though she takes that time out [00:04:00] physically, she's just not fully feeling it. She's just not fully feeling herself. So she does listen to herself, but she's just not fully there and she's missing out on some of the messages.
So where I come in as a channeler, and then I channel spirits and guides and angels, and I come in with healing. As well, and we actually hone in on whatever's going on within her. So we actually get to grips with whatever that injury is, and we go right to the beginning. When did it occur? When did it happen?
What was going on in your life right at that moment when that injury occurred, or just before it, when you felt the nigg in pain, what exactly was going on? Because what sometimes we don't realize is that whatever's going on in our life is actually flagging up in our physicality. And there is a deep cognitive mind and body connection [00:05:00] that many of us miss out on.
We don't think about the cells or firing. Now I do cuz I'm pretty scientific like that, but I do, As you go through this podcast today, you'll notice that I love science. And I also love spirit as well. So I love a little bit of each and I love bringing both together cuz I do feel like it's almost like vital and it's key and it is.
Missed that in life. Absolutely. And I think so much of the audience around mindset and kind of psychology and, it's misunderstood a lot of it. It. A lot of it is that sometimes thought out of as like the woo stuff. Yeah. But actually if you look and you analyze the psychology and the science, it is really fact based.
. And I think if, like for me as well I love the science around it. I love the success psychology, I love all the research that's done into the top performing people on this planet [00:06:00] and how they think and what they do and how they take action. And there's such a crossover here. And I think that the most important thing is.
Kind of what scale you are on, whether you are science based or woo based, is the results that you can get from this kind of transformational mindset, shift work, and just the self-awareness and the living with intention, which I know we spoke recently about on your podcast as well. And it all of that combines into having more awareness with yourself, having more intention with your goals and your ambitions, and getting the results that you want.
So talk me through when you work with someone about taking back that power all of that amazing work that you've just described, what's the results that you see in your clients? A lot of people work with business strategists on marketing messages and sales funnels and Facebook [00:07:00] ads and email nurture sequences and freebies and lead magnets, and they still don't get any results.
And I think this is why you and I are here in the industry saying it's not that stuff first. And I did recently did some training on sales. And I was like, It's not how you sell. It's what you sell and your mindset, and you and your personality and your energy determine what you sell, not how, and all of the other stuff is how you sell.
It's the marketing, the messages, the sales strategy, all of the funnels and all of that. But it's what you sell and how you feel about it, and the transformation you can provide for people, the results that you provide from people, that's what makes money in business, and that requires you to tap into getting your power, dealing with your mindset.
Dealing with that in a bitch that everybody has, that you have to friend and bring them on your way. So talk us through like some of those [00:08:00] unexpected results that you get from clients. Okay. Through the work that you do that you just can't get with any of that other kind of just doing. Kinda work.
Does that make sense? Yeah. And it makes total sense as well. Okay. So when people usually come to me, they come to me because they sense that they need to work with me in some way. They feel it, they kind of like just know, and they'll go, Oh my God, I really wanna work with you. It's, and it's never. You know those people that I work with, the one person that I work with is never a hard sell for them.
Yeah, it isn't. It's always, Oh my God, I need to work with that person because I need this, and this. And a lot of people come to me. So if I hone in on a couple of clients that I've worked with, each client needs different things. Now, one client, she had a I child and we helped her work through the stresses of having a I child, always having to go to hospital and things like that.
But off the [00:09:00] back of it, off the back of it, there were things that she really wanted in life. She wanted a house, she wanted a car. She wanted like certain things in life. And by just alleviating and helping her take that power meant that she was in the right places at the right time for the. She met the right person to help her get some money back so she could pay off all her debts.
She met the, Well, something came in for her and it looks like the house is on the cards as well. Yeah. What happened initially, it's almost like epigenetics when you really think about it. It's about 5 trillion cells that we have on our body, and each cell has antenna. And it's Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about this quite a lot and we're almost like magnets.
We're like magnets. But when there's stuff in the way, when there's stuff on our minds, when there's [00:10:00] stuff that's like clogging up our feed, so to speak if you think about it like social media, you know, if your feeds all clogged up with the stuff that you don't really wanna see, you are not actually getting to the thing that you really, really need or you really, really want in life. .
So you're not gonna get it. But what happens is when we clear that stuff out of the way, When we clear the feed and we take that power, whether it's through physical strength that we need, whether it's through mental strength that we need, whether it's through spiritual strength that we need, cuz sometimes we need a really great connection to whoever's guiding us as well.
Or even if it's like just emotional strength. That we need, to be able to be vulnerable and cry. Once we can do those things, we can find that we are more of a magnet to those things that we really need. Our body will take us to places. Oh my God, I need to go down this street today. How many times have you done that, Jenny?
Where you've like gone to yourself, [00:11:00] You know what? I need to be in this place today. And by being in that place, the thing that you've always really wanted, maybe it was the coach or something, all of a sudden you're studying from to that coach or you stood next to them and then you like of start talking to them and then all of a sudden it's like, Oh my god.
Yes, this is the person I need. Taking back power is more than just, Hey, I'm just gonna feel stronger within myself. Taking back power gets you the things that you want. Yes. Hundred percent agree. And I think that the way I talk about this as well is quite different, but it's so similar. So I talk about setting your subconscious sat nav.
Um, And this is where you actually clear the blocks so that you can really believe in the vision that you wanna create for yourself. Yes. So, so, If you have a business um, I'm gonna, this is a business podcast, so I wanna put it in context [00:12:00] business. If you have a business and you don't know what you wanna achieve with it, but you don't know where you are, you don't know which of those.
Like, roads to go down. You will be going spinning yourself around all the roundabouts going, I don't know. You'll be following the opportunities. Oh, I think there's some money to be made over there, or I think this competitor's doing that. Maybe I should try that. But if you clear your. Blocks. And for me that is clearing away your self doubt and opening up your ambition so that you can say, Actually this is the type of business I wanna grow.
What you do is you set your subconscious sat navs, and that means you have an idea of where you wanna get to. And if you have an idea of where you wanna get to, you will roughly go in that direction, , rather than absolutely spin yourself around the, around and round your roundabouts. And that's of exactly what you're talking about here.
You, you clear away [00:13:00] and you get the clarity of what you actually want to achieve in your life, in your business, in your health. And it's. Either swimming through air or swimming through soup, right? And is talking about this, Absolut, you wanna be swimming through the air like a astronaut in zero gravity with nothing in your way and with a really clear idea of where you wanna get to.
That's. How you grow a business that makes a shitload of money in the fastest possible time. If you are surrounded by all your self doubt, if you are surrounded by all your mindset blocks that tell you making money is greedy or. This industry, it's really hard to make money or if I know I've gotta work hard and work long hours to bank money because that's what was been programmed me at school.
All of this stuff looks like soup. And if you are swimming in soup with , no direction to eat, that you don't even know what direction to go in. Like how can [00:14:00] you ever expect to achieve? Yeah, and I completely agree with you because the one thing that my clients get when they come and work with me is focus the clarity and the direction.
Yeah. So, So that's what ultimately that I'm doing is giving them focus, clarity in the direction, because when you know the direction you are going in, you just, and when you trust your body, because your body, remember, even though everyone sees their body as separate to everything else, sometimes separate entity to everything else, your body is still part of your life.
Your brain is still controlling this piece of kit. It's still controlling it. So in terms of movement wise, for instance if say you decide one day, You know what, I'm not gonna pick up my phone. I'm not gonna pick up my phone or anything. I'm not gonna pick up my phone. And then you walk in the kitchen and you hear that kind of jingle or beep of a notification, your body.
Automatically goes, [00:15:00] turns and picks up the phone. Yeah. Cause it's already being classically conditioned Yes. To do so. Yeah, absolutely. It's already being conditioned to do so. So , you're already directing yourself in the way of where your narrative or wants to go.
Hence, that's why, when we both agree on this, that in a bitch or you know, like mothering yourself and stuff and becoming best friends with that internal guidance. Yeah. Could you become best friends with that internal guidance? It's almost like trust and I really wanna talk to the people that aren't making a lot of money at this moment in.
Because some of you right now are being asked to trust, right? Some of them are actually being asked right now to trust because the right programs coming through for them, and what they'll notice is, and it might be quite frustrating for them, is that money is coming in different sources. For this moment of time for that person to bring through the right program.
So for some of those people, they may have maybe [00:16:00] a husband or like maybe they've got a really great parent who's just going okay, here's something for you and gifting you drawing this moment of time. You have to really trust in that for this moment in time. Yeah. Because there is something coming for those people, For those that are already in business and that are already doing the thing that.
You know that they love so, The person that I mainly work with is the person who already has that business use already influencing quite a lot of people. And when they come to me, they have this underlying pressure. And this pressure is almost like a, you think of a kettle and you know you've got that pressure cooker of Kettle Avenue and it's like buzzing from the inside. Yeah. Ready to pop, that type of thing. When I come in, sometimes I spot certain illnesses within them, so when I do a lot of energy work and energy healing, so when I do work with one, I come [00:17:00] in and as I go around her body, I. Track things. Maybe there's something in her lungs, maybe there's something in her hip, Maybe there's something and be able to kind start shifting certain things around.
It's such an incredible piece of work to do to see someone's energy change from some kind of pressure cooker to releasing it. But a lot of that resides in some kind of past trauma because we are holding onto something. Holding onto old shit sometimes. Yeah. And we do, we hold onto to past. What's the word I was looking at?
Past resentments and stuff. Yeah. We're holding on and we all hold onto past resentments. But sometimes we have to make, sometimes we have to make friends with ourselves and forgive ourselves during that process. It doesn't mean you have to forgive other people, but I don't buy into like, Oh my God, you gotta forgive the person who's like, Done you wrong.
Fuck no. Sometimes you don't have to, Sometimes you just need to forgive [00:18:00] yourself for. Trust in, in certain people or giving yourself to other people or or feeling sad and disappointed in yourself that you actually allowed that person into your life. Yeah. Sometimes all that it comes down to is just, or boils down to, is just forgiving.
Forgiving yourself. And that's what happens when I work with a lot of clients. It's just, Oh my God, I just need to forgive myself for allowing that person into my life. And then be behind a lot of stuff that can be behind all that pressure build up. And then after that, it's like, Oh my God. All of a sudden they get the new program or they get the wording that they need or they get.
They just get the right coach. They maybe get the right clients or they maybe get a shit to moral clients, but they can hold space for them. Yes. Hold space without freaking collapsing and still [00:19:00] think so much about Headspace. Like you can fill up your head with all of that. Past resentment. Yes. All of that negative kind.
Dialogue that you have with yourself about why that happened to you, or why you did that in the past, or why that person did that, and what that means and what that means about you as a person. What that means about them as a person. Like you can fill up your head, like you only have a certain amount of head space, right?
Yeah. And if you fill it up with All of that stuff that doesn't serve you. You're not gonna use it productively and intentionally to get what you want. Yeah. So what exactly what you mean, what you said about really focus and direction, like you've got to get clarity or leave the past behind in a way.
Get clarity over what you wanna achieve from the future. And then you just work every single day to take one [00:20:00] small step closer to that future that you want and away from that past that you're stuck in. Absolutely. Because you're not beholden to the past, you're not beholden to those past traumas. And the thing is, a lot of them are, when clients come to me, they're, you can see it in their business because certain clients are displaying.
Yeah, you can see it in their life because certain things are being mirrored in their lives. So we've spoken about Miam before, haven't we, Jenny? Yeah. But you can see it and you can feel it as well. And now this is the thing that I've got about energy healing. Cause I love energy healing more than anything.
Like, and I love, going into someone's body and just, They come in to me and maybe they've got some jaw pain, they can't like kind of shift it. Okay. I'm gonna put a disclaimer on please. Do you see a doctor if you need any healing
I just know I've had clients come to me, they've been seeing doc, seen doctors for a long time and they cannot do anything for them. But then they come into me and then we have one session together and [00:21:00] it might be. Their mother was absolutely narcissistic. Yeah. Or something like that. And they just want to say what they want to say to their mom because it's residing in their tight jaw and then all this verbal stuff comes out, Oh my God, I just want you to,
That stuff, the release. Yeah. Oh my God, it's incredible. You know, And I do, check in on people a few months later just to make sure, it's not come back and it hasn't. And this is like the power of healing. But the one thing that I really do have, because sometimes past traumas do come back to ha again.
And there's one thing that my guides have always. Physicality is not being used as the way it could do, the way we could potentially use it, we can strengthen it after we've had the trauma within the muscles. We can do stuff to our body afterwards to make sure that we are really holding that power.[00:22:00]
Physically holding that power so it do so we don't need to like work overtime to hold it. So we don't need to work overtime to hold ourselves up. It can be held for us and we do need right now, especially as women, we do need right now to really strengthen our bones and strengthen our muscles. as we're doing energy work, mindset work, emotional work, any of that kind of work, coaching work, it does take from our energy and if we're taking it from our energy, it's depleting it in our bones and in our muscles too.
So we need to make sure that those things are really strong for us. So we make sure that we can actually have that full on power. So yeah. Love that. Love that. No, and that is a great thing to finish on, I think. And just before we go, what I want to do is find out a little bit more about what's going on in your world right now, How people can come and follow you and join your.
[00:23:00] World, find out more about what you do. And yeah, if you've got anything on offer for any of the listeners, then please, yeah, just let us know about that now. Yeah. Okay. So a little bit more about me. Okay. I love open water swimming. Yeah. I have three kids. I'm gonna be a grandma . That's incredible. That is amazing.
Yeah. So that's, I'm so excited for you. Oh, you know what? I'm excited as well. I love love travel, and then that's how I kind of factor it into my business. So I actually do. Luxury healings. So rather than going to like say a studio or somewhere, I actually take that one person and take them to a luxury destination.
And that's where we do our healing in a, in amazing hotel with concierge and all that kind of stuff. And just incredible bonuses like island hopping and all that. Yeah. It's just stunning. So, So yeah, I just really. My clients to like, have that fed back into themselves. Like I feed into [00:24:00] myself because it's really important that we practice what we preach.
Yeah. Yeah. So for me, I feed into myself as Jenny knows me for quite some time. I do really feed into myself. I feed into my mindset, I feed into my body, I feed into my soul and yeah. And I do love. I love being. I love that. I think that is such a fucking rarity nowadays. Yeah. To actually be misunderstood because when you are able to be misunderstood, you'll find your people, you'll find your people.
Cuz I don't, I wasn't ever like anyone else. And I think when you are not like everyone else. Sometimes you find it very lonely. It can be very lonely. It can feel quite quite debilitating for a lot of people. But to be misunderstood means that you can like really hone in and love yourself a lot more.
So I love being misunderstood as well. , in terms of where people can find me. You can find me on Facebook, just find [00:25:00] my private profile. Actually, just come and follow me. Trina Kana. Thomas, I'm forgetting my married name, . I, I'll add the links into the show notes. Uh, You can find me on LinkedIn as well.
And you can also find me on my website, trina Now, the one program is not on my website. It's a personal and private program for her. So if you recognize any of those things that I've spoken about right at the beginning, because she is misunderstood and. But at the same time, she's just loved by so many, so, so yeah.
If you know her, if you know that woman, that healthy woman, the woman who loves to take time off, who has the incredible business, but is feeling that internal pressure, if you know her or her, Then do reach out in terms of a freebie, oh my God, I love cycles . And the one way you can become aware is to feed [00:26:00] into your cycle and know your cycle.
Know your energetic cycle on a yearly monthly. Weekly and daily basis. If you know your cycle and your energy archetype, what you're playing in, then you will become even more self aware and more aware of your body, when to show up, when not show up, and how that kind of fits in your life, how your business.
And life like fit together cuz they do, They're fluid. Yeah, they do together. And I was doing that kind Rav raving movement. Ok. You're not gonna see the video, but if you reem, if you go back to raving days and you cross your arms over, you know what I mean? For anyone who yeah. Grew during Raven Times, you'll know
Awesome. Thank you so much. And the one thing I love about Trina is like how you walk the talk like. Seriously you that balance and that harmony between how you've designed your life and [00:27:00] your business is just incredible. And I know the, when I first started following you, I was like, What does this woman do?
Is she a coach? Is she a healer? Is she a house sitter? Like, what's going on, ? And I just love the fact that from very early on, you designed this. Sitting into your business so that you could look after people's houses, look after people's pets, and get that time to, for self care, for business like that is like stacking benefits on top of benefits for you and how you design your life and how intentional you are about it.
So yes, absolutely love it. Love Trina. Definitely worth a follow. Everybody who's listened to this, please go and find her. You'll find the links in the show notes. And that awesome freebie about energy archetypes as well. We will pop that in there too. And that is us done for this episode. Thank you so much for joining us, Trina, and I will see you all on the next episode of Mindset and Method.
Oh, thank you [00:28:00] everyone for listening.
Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Your Mindset and Method podcast. If you want to grow your business and you're struggling with maybe the confidence or the strategy, To be able to really take it big. Then why not try my 30 minute do it yourself business growth audit. You can find this on my [email protected] slash growth audit.
It's completely free and it will take you through a 30 minute process to audit your business. It will help you to develop a success mindset and get clarity over your business right now and what potential it has for growth, and it will help you discover more about how you spend your time and where you are wasting it.
It will also help you to define your vision for the future and set your goals so you can wake up excited every day. Knowing how to push your [00:29:00] business forward. So take the business, jenny Thank you so, and I'll see you again for the next episode.

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