So, What's It All About?

When you're starting a business - or not earning what you want from your business - taking the decision to invest in yourself can be tricky.

When should you do it? How much should you put aside? Should you take it from your savings or wait until you can take it out of the business?

So much can hold you back!

On the episode, I chat about the vicious circle we can get ourselves in - feeling like we shouldn't invest in our business, because we're not making much (any?) money yet - but then not making money because we're not investing!

I also talk about the psychology behind investing in yourself - and your business - and what starts to happen when we go 'all in'!

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Jenni Donato

Jenni works as an Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach, teaching ambitious mums the mindset & method to scale their business, earn more from working less and get their time back.