The Mindset Map

The journey to rediscover your spark and create a future of calm, balance, fulfillment and success...

despite the chaos of being a mum in this crazy world!



Do you struggle to balance motherhood and life/work/chores/fun?

Do you worry about what's to come and never have the time to process your thoughts or look after yourself?

If so, this e-book is for you...

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In your Mindset Map, you will find an amazing and enjoyable journey of self-discovery.

A journey that will show you the simple process to a calmer, happier and more fulfilling future as a Mum-In-Business.

A life full of energy and positivity and filled with a feeling of balance, fulfilment and success.

You will discover the simple process to:

  • Get to know yourself again, take back control and rediscover your inner smile
  • Start to see the world differently and retrain your brain to start to give you the answers you need for a calmer life, even in such a crazy world!
  • Design your own path to a better balance, a happier world and a more successful future
  • Grow your business, gain momentum, create success and reach your goals


Hi, I'm Jenni Donato


I'm a Mindset and Success Coach, helping Mums-In-Business to reconnect to who they are, to find balance, to redesign their future and to make a success of whatever it is they choose to do next, despite the daily chaos of being a mum in such a crazy world.

I work by blending simple psychology and science to help them rediscover their confidence and design their next chapter - then put the plans in place for them grow and scale their business to achieve big!

I'm so excited for you. I've worked with so many clients who have directly benefited from the process I outline in this e-book - which has now been downloaded over 3,400 times - and I can't wait to see the change it could make to your life!

"Living the life you want begins with reconnecting to who you are..."