The 6-Figure Mindset Map

Do you struggle to balance being a mum and a business owner...

...but still want to earn more from doing what you love?

If so, this e-book is for you...

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In your 6-Figure Mindset Map, you will find the route to get organised, get your time back and get the mindset - and the method - to earn more from doing what you love.

You will discover the simple process to:

  • Get to know yourself again, learn your values & drivers and step up to take the action you need to reach your goals
  • Start to see the world differently, get rid of your inner b'tch telling you that you can't do this, and start beliveing success is yours for the taking.
  • Design your own path to get your time back and get that business where you can earn what you want, when you want it!


Hi, I'm Jenni Donato


I'm a Mindset and Success Coach, helping Mums-In-Business to rediscover their love for what they do, get their time back and start earning more from working less, despite the daily chaos of being a mum.

I'm so excited for you. I've worked with so many clients who have directly benefited from the process I outline in this e-book - which has now been downloaded over 4,000 times - and I can't wait to see the change it could make to your life!

"Success is knowing what you want, and believing you can get there!"