Jenni Donato Professional Biography

After completing a degree at Swansea University, Jenni started her working life in the Environment Industry, working directly with businesses on eco-design and managing multi million pound government projects across Europe.

In 2014 she left the working environment to start a family and was blessed with a daughter, however in 2016 her daughter was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, a rare disorder where a child is often born with a dislocated hip and a malformed hip socket.

Through her journey with her daughters diagnosis and her involvement with the DDH UK charity - a charity specifically to support families dealing with Hip Dysplasia - and Chance to Dance - a dance school set up specifically for disabled children, she decided she wanted to follow her passion to help others as a Life Coach.

After her second child in 2017 she started studying, completing courses in psychology, life coaching, transformational coaching, parenting and therapeutic counselling.

She now runs her own non-for-profit Life Coaching Community Interest Company (CIC) and provides life coaching to mothers to overcome motherhood challenges, boost confidence and gain more quality family time in their hectic lives. She is passionate about helping mothers of children with additional needs and therefore has made partnerships where funding opportunities can help to cover the costs for families fitting within certain eligibility criteria.