You are logical, detailed, love a good plan...

...and you have the mindset type of a Peacock.


You're considered, meticulous and shine bright when you know what you're doing and your confidence is high. You do everything to a high standard and are proud and dependable. You wouldn't call yourself a natural peoples person but you often get great feedback about what you do.

However, you can be a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes spend more time planning than doing - which can leave you with limited actual results. The fear of what others think - or of 'failing' - can hold you back and you wish you had more confidence to stand up and shout about how great you are at what you do.

Want to know how you can develop your mindset to make things a whole lot easier for you? Well, read on…

Connect with your big vision

People with the mindset of the detailed and dependable Peacock often struggle with building the courage and resilience to push themselves out of their comfort zone, so make sure you know your big picture vision - it may just give you the courage to take that extra step.

If you don't have a vision board, start one, make sure you know why you're doing it all and that you revisit it daily to give you some extra motivation with the scary stuff!

Just get started

Peacocks can struggle to get started and stay in the space of 'learning' rather than actually 'doing'. The trick here is to plan your first small step and then just get started.

Speak to those supporting you about your plans, maybe try an accountability buddy for support and try to see what's holding you back from jumping in with two feet. Then take one small step at a time - you'll soon start moving in the right direction and it'll feel great!

Get some support - and a bit more courage!

Find a community of people who have done what you want, to learn the best way to get there and to help you build your courage. They will help you to set your big money goals and uncover what's holding you back so you can start to believe it can all happen for you!

A supportive community can help you to figure out the right direction for you and ultimately get you where you want to be faster than if you tried to do it by yourself.

"Who’s this mindset fairy giving you all this advice?" Glad you asked...


Hey there 👋 I’m Jenni Donato, award-winning Mindset & Business Coach, helping ambitious mums grow a profitable, stress-free business and still have time for their family - and themselves.

With a total obsession with success psychology and the mindset and habits of the rich and super successful, I help busy mums with the mindset and method to adapt what they do and streamline their business - to earn more without the endless hours, mummy-guilt and burnout.

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