As busy mums-in-business, we love our kids, but OMG did we ever think that juggling our business and our kids would be so hard?

But, what if there was a way you could feel in control again?

Where you could...

  • wake up every morning, excited, focussed and ready to go, knowing exactly what you need to do and how you can create the time to do it

  • create the balance to be present with your kids AND focussed on pushing your business to the next level without the overwhelm and frustration

  • prioritise time for you to find your peace - to switch off, exercise, read a book or take a bath without the dreaded mummy-guilt

  • rediscover your passion to align your business with who you are and love what you do again - you know, how you thought it would be when you set out!

  • create that freedom lifestyle you see in the magazines by earning exactly what you want, when you want it

  • ditch the self-doubt, master your mindset and learn how to be your own best cheerleader.

  • join a community of amazing and ambitious women with common challenges, working together to find the solutions, from health and wellbeing in order to live a long and healthy life, to parenting support to get your kids in bed on time and give you your evenings back, to business advice to streamline your admin and free up more time for the fun stuff

  • get the support you need to reignite your inner sparkle and start to really enjoy life again, despite the daily chaos of being a busy mum.

Well, now there is... in The Sparkle Salon

The Online Membership Community For Mums-In-Business - or mums who want to start something of their own - to learn how to

Shine in Life AND Sparkle in Business.


Membership Includes:

  • '7 Steps to Find Your Sparkle' Workbook to help you wake up with intention, clarity and confidence for the day ahead

  • Monthly Group Coaching & Masterclasses covering everything you need to know to Master Your Mindset - from how to step into a new confident you, how to master your financial world and to how to set goals so you can feel like you've achieved everything you wanted to each day, while still having the time to be present with your kids AND sit and relax.

  • An exclusive Facebook Community for 24/7 Support, to build friendships, network, keep up with everything that's going on and so you know where to come to get advice with whatever's on your mind.

  • Accountability Check-Ins & Buddies weekly check-ins and the option to be paired with an accountability buddy to help you set goals, build motivation, stay accountable and feel like you've made progress at the end of each day!

  • Guest Speakers and Q&A's on the things you care about the most - from getting new clients and increasing the money in your back pocket, to lifestyle hacks like positive parenting and fitness/nutrition, to help you feel like you're winning in life AND in business.

  • Celebrate your (and others) successes with the 'Mummy of the Month' Awards, after all, mums don't get many thank-yous - let's change that!

  • The Small Business Sisterhood - A dedicated space for Networking, Collaboration & Promotion Opportunities including a monthly Members Spotlight in my wider Facebook Community 'More to Me than Mum', with over 850 MIB members.

  • Special Offers and Discounts Exclusively for The Sparkle Salon Members, from fellow mums-in-business. Support your community and benefit from a huge selection of discounts and special offers in Beauty, Gift and Kids stuff to business offers from Marketing Experts, Virtual Assistants and Social Media Gurus - with loads more to come.

  • The Magazine Table - All good salons have a magazine table, so sit back, grab a cuppa - with all that new time you've created by being part of The Sparkle Salon - then take your time to browse the (virtual) magazine table and discover inspirational blogs, articles and videos to learn something new and give you a kick start to your day.

  • First looks and sneak peeks into The Mind Spa - the only truly transformational virtual spa for busy mums to detox their mind, find their balance and design their dream future - with hand in hand support from me every step of the way!

  • I'm sure you'll love it, but if you don't you can cancel anytime so there's no risk!

The Price

This is the launch of this amazing community, therefore I am offering a Founders Rate of £39 per month

This price will only be available until c/o/p Friday 29th May when the doors will close. Your founders rate will last for the lifetime of your membership and the price will never be this low again.

Join me now to 'Shine in Life AND Sparkle in Business' and be one of the Founding Members to help me shape the community and let it Shine.


Who am I?

Hello, I'm Jenni Donato.

I'm an Award-Winning Mindset & Success Coach for Mums-In-Business.

After my daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition, I don't mind admitting I crumbled and was not the mum I wanted to be for her for a while. But watching her determination, positivity and perseverance to cope with everything she was going through, she showed me a better way.

A different way to think... and a different way to see the world.

To move from bitterness, regret and helplessness, to being determined to make a different life for us and be the inspiration to her that she had been to me.

I now work with Mums-In-Business to help them get through their mindset blocks, get the clarity they need to realise their dreams and then set the plan to get them the freedom lifestyle they deserve.

I believe that whatever you want in life comes from the way you set up your mindset to achieve it.

If you shine in life, you will sparkle in business and that is why I created The Sparkle Salon, as a place where we can come together and be more than just a mum. To live our lives on our terms and achieve our own balance of fun with our family, time for ourselves and success in our businesses.

I would really love for you to join me on the adventure of a lifetime...


To watch a quick video of how one lady changed her life by simply changing her mindset, click the button below...


"Working with Jenni has been hugely beneficial for my personal and professional life. I have such self-belief and a greater sense of knowing who I am now; as a Mum, a Woman and a Business Owner. The simple but fundamental psychological tools we use have shifted my perspective and I’m now focused on such a positive future, much less affected by potential challenges that arise. I’m kind of blown away and so so grateful for how much it’s helped." (Lucy, April 2020)