Have you lost your spark?

Do you want your mojo back?

As busy mums-in-business, we love our kids, but OMG did we ever think it would be so full-on and that juggling our business and our kids would be so hard?

I know I didn't!

But, what if there was a way you could feel in control again?

  • Where you could meet other mums just like you...
  • find your calm and live your happy...
  • discover/rediscover your passion for your business...
  • create a better family balance - AND GET THE INCOME YOU WANT...
  • whilst getting the support you need to reignite your inner sparkle...

Where you feel a sense of calm, love, happiness and fun EVERYDAY with your family, but also run the business of your dreams - you remember - the way you always thought being a mum-in-business would be...

Well, now there is in - The Sparkle Salon - The Online Membership Community For Mums-In-Business - or mums who want to start something of their own. So let me ask you this...

Do you want to wake up every morning and sparkle?


Membership Benefits Include:

  • '7 Steps to Find Your Sparkle' Workbook - speciafically for MIB's (free on entry)

  • Fortnightly (virtual) Drop-Ins & Monthly Masterclasses giving tailored support from me, Award-Winning Life and Mindset Coach, Jenni Donato.

  • A Facebook Community for 24/7 Support, to build friendships, network and get access to regular training on everything from confidence, goal setting, life balance, success psychology and creating an abundant money mindset

  • Accountability Check-Ins & Buddies be paired with a buddy (optional) to overcome challenges, help you set goals, stay accountable and get back your MIB-mojo!

  • Guest Speakers and Q&A's on the things you care about the most - from business growth topics like sales and marketing to lifestyle hacks like parenting and fitness/nutrition.

  • Celebrate your (and others) Successes with 'Mummy of the Month' Awards

  • The Small Business Sisterhood - A dedicated space for Networking, Collaboration & Promotion Opportunities between members

  • The Magazine Table - All good salons have a magazine table, so take your time to browse the (virtual) magazine table and discover inspirational blogs, articles and videos to give you a kick start to your day

  • First looks and sneak peeks into The Mind Spa - the only truly transformational virtual spa for busy mums in existence!

  • Special Offers and Discounts

  • Cancel Anytime