The only membership that blends success psychology & business strategy to help you grow a business you love...

...with the freedom to still be a mum & create the income you want, in the time you have....

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So, is it right for you? Well, if you...

🙋‍♀️ are you putting so much into your business but feel like you're not getting much back,

🙋‍♀️ are working way more than you thought you'd be - and want to smash your business goals but also free up time to enjoy your family (and have time for yourself),

🙋‍♀️ would you love to take the next big leap to get your business working for you - and earning what you want - but not quite sure how to actually do it...

...then The Sparkle Salon - to Shine in Life & Sparkle in Business - is the place for you...

"The best business decision I've ever made" (Claire, Founder, You Can Do Marketing)

and you can now get a full-access 14-day trial - with e-mail tour which now includes my new Mindset Experiment for just £3

How would it feel if you could find a place where you could...

✨ be part of a buzzing, friendly community, and get the support you need to build a profitable business doing what you love, without the endless hours, confusion and procrastination?

✨ create the freedom lifestyle to be present with your kids while your business works for you in the background?

✨ wake up every morning, excited, focused and ready to go, knowing exactly what you need to do to smash your big money goals?

✨ ditch the self-doubt, and learn the success psychology to stop the negative self-talk and become your own best cheerleader?

Well, it's right here...

"The Sparkle Salon pushes you to really understand where you are at with your business, what's holding you back and how you can get to where you want to be." (Ann, Holistic Wellness Coach)

Fancy taking the full-access trial for just £3?

Your Membership Includes...

✅ A Monthly Masterclass on the topics you choose. Along with a vault of replays including Business Model Mastery, Your Buyers Journey (from cold audience to paying clients/customer), Sales Psychology, Productivity and my Money Mindset Bootcamp.

✅ A NEW '5-Day Mindset Experiment' - teaching you how to identify and break free from Self-Limiting Beliefs.

✅ A Monthly Group Coaching Session & Mindset Hacks mini-session, to meet the other members, ask me anything and get my eyes on your business.

Guest Speakers on the things you care about the most - from business building topics like facebook ads, building websites, e-mail marketing, PR hacks and social media secrets, to lifestyle hacks like group yoga sessions, meditation and relationship building.

✅ An exclusive Facebook Community for 24/7 Support - to build friendships, network & collaborate and be part of a buzzing supportive community to help you grow.

Accountability Check-Ins & Buddies with weekly check-ins, monthly goal setting and the option to be paired with an accountability buddy to help you set goals, build motivation and stay accountable!

✅ A Personalised Learning Plan (full members only), so you're never just left to it - your learning plan will give you the content you need RIGHT NOW to take your business to the next level, at your own pace.

"Lovely to feel like you're on my side, growing a business alongside having a job and children can be a lonely place." (Caroline, Women's Mentor & Holistic Coach)

Join the full-access 14-Day Trial (with e-mail tour) for just £3

Hello, I'm Jenni Donato.


I'm an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist.

After my daughter was diagnosed with a rare condition, I don't mind admitting I crumbled and was not the mum I wanted to be. But watching her determination, positivity and perseverance to cope with everything she was going through gave me an obsession with learning the power of mindset!

I have taken that obsession, created a mindset focused business and teach the 'Mindset and Method' (which is also the name of my podcast recently featured as the 'Podcast of the Week' on BBC Radio Berkshire) to help ambitious mums burst through their mindset blocks and take their business to the next level WITHOUT the endless hours, confusion and procrastination.

We're conditioned to believe that 'having it all' is just not possible, especially for us mums - but I believe you can achieve anything, and I want to show you how!

Join the full-access 14-Day Trial (with e-mail tour) for just £3

Other Testimonials

To watch a quick video of how one of my amazing clients changed her life by simply changing her mindset, click the button below...


I am one of the founding members of Jenni’s Sparkle Salon group and have learnt so much in the short time it has been open. There is always so much available to support us each month, from guest speakers to Jenni’s own coaching expertise and experience. It has been great starting to get to know the other women in the group and knowing that there is support there when you need it. It feels a very safe group to share honest thoughts and feelings, to ask advice, share new ideas and help to take our businesses forward as well as trying to find that work - life balance. I would definitely recommend this group to other mums trying to juggle everything! (Rebecca, July 2020)

I have been part of Jenni’s new monthly membership group now for nearly 2 months and I’m really glad I joined. Jenni is really supportive and interactive in the group which is really nice. There is always lots going on in the group to help you with your mindset journey such as coaching drops in sessions, masterclasses, guest speakers and daily threads to get you thinking so Jenni definitely offers value for money. The ladies in the group are also very friendly and supportive too. If your not sure about joining, I would 100% say just give it a go, you have nothing to loose but lots to gain! (Alison, July 2020)

"Working with Jenni has been hugely beneficial for my personal and professional life. I have such self-belief and a greater sense of knowing who I am now; as a Mum, a Woman and a Business Owner. The simple but fundamental psychological tools we use have shifted my perspective and I’m now focused on such a positive future, much less affected by potential challenges that arise. I’m kind of blown away and so so grateful for how much it’s helped." (Lucy, April 2020)

Join the full-access 14-Day Trial (with e-mail tour) for just £3