So, what's it all about?

Many people don't consider the 6 phases of business and the difference between each of them. Each requires a different focus and different actions to move forward to grow and scale into a successful business.

In this episode, I take you through...

✅ The 6 phases of business and help you identify where you sit and what's next for you - we start with the seed of the idea, and move through how you grow & scale (which are very different stages and which need a totally different focus) before maturity and business exit strategies.

✅ I'll highlight where I find people often go wrong on the journey of growing a business, how to spot the risks and how to avoid the pitfalls of growing and scaling a business

✅ And I'll give you the 3 things every business owner needs to know BEFORE they can successfully scale a business

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What can you do NOW to grow your business?

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Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.