Day 1 - The Life Balance Challenge

Finding Time

Working with busy mums, one of the most common complaints I hear is that they just don't get the time they need.

There is so much responsibility on our shoulders - and so much to do - it's easy to get overwhelmed, frustrated and ultimately give up on any chance to work on anything for ourselves!

But DON'T PANIC - even though you may disagree with me to begin with, the feeling of 'simply not having enough time' is all in the mind! And I'm going to show you the way to take back control and get rid of this feeling once and for all!

Watch the Video below and try todays challenge...

Day 1 Challenge

List 3 goals on a piece of paper, ones which lead you towards a bigger picture goal - not simply just to 'get stuff done'. Keep these with you over the day and PRIORITISE them so they get done!

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