So, what's it all about?

Welcome to another episode from the Business Backstage Series, here on the Mindset and Method Podcast!

So many people over-complicate the sales process, so today we have our own Altitude Sales and Confidence Coach, Lisa Yelland to chat to me about making Sales Simple!

We chat about...

✅ Making sure you're selling the right thing - does what you sell help you reach your business goals? How do you make sure what you sell adds up to what you want to earn AND is your best offer that works for you. Then is your offer the BEST offer for your client / customer, or just the one you think they might buy?

✅ Sales Mindset & Techniques - Covering the sales mindset around you, your offer and your clients. Making sure you have the confidence in yourself and communicate effectively what you do. Making sure you love what you offer.

✅ Your Sales Process - Create a process where you know your numbers. When you know your numbers, you can take the emotion out of sale and build a strategy where you can see with confidence where and when the next sale will come.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni is an Award-Winning Mindset Coach & Business Strategist, host of the 'Mindset & Method' Podcast and founder of Altitude - a 6-month immersive coaching experience with 30 business growth experts.