'Free Your Mind' Day 5 - The Truth Behind 'The Truth' And Why We Shouldn't Always Believe Our Own Thoughts. ​

Pay attention now - today gets a bit science-y!

We start by understanding - in very basic terms - that the brain is just a mass of connections and the world is a mass of stimuli.

The brain chooses which stimuli to take notice of based on - firstly whether something is a matter of life and death - then on what we've learned from our past experiences. By default, it then filters out the (vast majority) of the rest. This means your thoughts - even before you think them - have already been tainted with the dramas of your past.... but more on this later...

But what does this mean?

In short, this means that your thoughts are not always 'true', and what's more, in the exact same situation, your 'truth' may be very different to someone elses!

This means whatever inner battle you are attempting to overcome, there is normally a statement or fact - which you believe in your subconscious to be true - and which is holding you back.

So don’t ask yourself if your thoughts are true, ask yourself if your thoughts are helpful!!

Let's look at an example - you think “they don’t love me” you then shut down and start looking for justifications for your thought and then look to ‘prove’ to yourself that you are right! This is called Confirmation Bias and we have already covered this in our Mind Trap - Day 2.

So, how do we know if something is true?

The only way we know if something is true is if we decide to believe it!

The alternative, and a much more productive way to look at our thoughts, is by using a different framework. Do not question if something is true but if it is helpful.

If we look at another example, a person with cancer with a 95% fatality rate within 2 years may feel a number of different things. But how will she feel and act if she thinks “95% of people die within 2 years” compared to if she thinks “Some people beat this and I can make a big difference to my outcome by looking after myself and being positive” Which is more helpful? Who do you think will live a happier and longer life?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what is true, but by thinking more helpful thoughts you stand a much better chance of letting go of the negative and training your brain to start to see the positive.

Todays Challenge - Find one core belief you may have in your life, relationships or at work, which is based on something which you believe to be 'true' but which is not helpful. (These could be as simple as "I'm fat/I'm awkward in social situations/I'm unloved/ I'm not great at cooking" etc) Write it down. Now using a similar process to the Mind Trap - Day 1 Challenge, rephrase it into more powerful positive questions and set yourself the challenge of answering these in the next couple of days.

What to do next....

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