You are outgoing, lovable, influential

...and you have the mindset type of a Magpie.


You have big ideas and love the journey to achieving your goals. You are great at what you do, you love being a part of the success of others and enjoy watching as others benefit from what you do. You are a real people person and people often say things like 'I just don't know how you do it all'!

However, you can sometimes be a bit headstrong and often wish you were more organised. You often feel like you're 'winging it' and you would love a bit more calm and predictability in your life.

You can suffer from 'shiny-thing syndrome' and can sometimes be onto the next thing before you've seen the results of the first.

Want to know how you can develop your mindset to make things a whole lot easier for you? Well, read on…

Connect with your big vision

People with the mindset of the lovable and influential Magpie often move forward quickly without linking their actions to their big picture vision. It's important for these types to take a breath and always revisit the results they actually want to achieve and how it fits with their future.

If you don't have a vision board, start one, and make sure it's visible to remind you to align your actions every day to the end result you want to achieve.

Learn to follow through

Sometimes Magpie types can struggle with following through on the boring (but vital) stuff, like marketing, admin or structured lead generation. Your enthusiasm will only get you so far - but ultimately it's consistency and perseverance that will get you to your end goal!

If you don't have a partner to keep you accountable for sticking with the boring bits, try getting someone to help you with accountability and ask them to push you through the bits you don't find fun.

Get some support - and a bit more courage!

Find a community of people who have done what you want, to learn the best way to get there and to help you stay on track without getting distracted. They will help you to link your actions to your big picture vision and provide motivation for the barriers along the way.

A community of the right people can help to eliminate all the noise and keep you focussed on heading in the right direction - ultimately getting you where you want to be faster than if you tried to do it by yourself.

"Who’s this mindset fairy giving you all this advice?" Glad you asked...


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